Frequently Asked Questions


What is your order cut-off time for same day shipping?

We normally ship all orders the same day. Customers who place orders via I prior to 1:00 PM (cst) receive an additional discount and the order always ships the day received.

How are EWI Invoices and Statements delivered?

We offer several options for delivery of invoices and statements. Our most popular method is via e-mail. Dealers are e-mailed an invoice copy immediately upon processing in EWI warehouse. For those without e-mail capabilities, we will fax or mail invoices and statements.

Does EWI do any repairs and/or service?

No. We are a wholesaler that only sells through retailers

How do I contact my Territory Manager?

A complete list of EWI employees is available on our Contact Us page. Simply select the "Link to Company Directory" button.

What are your business hours?

Our Customer Service Department is available 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Of course, our Toll Free fax and On-line ordering system is available 24/7.


Does EWI offer on-line ordering?

Yes. We offer multiple electronic ordering options for our customers. We accept EDI orders directly from most business systems, or we offer a free program download (Persona) that provides live access to our business system. The program is available within our Customer Log-in area.

How do I get a Username and Password for Persona?

Contact us at 800.580.7790 and we will be happy to assign you one

What capabilities do I have via Persona?

EWI customers can place orders, check inventory at both locations, review backorders, send e-mail's to EWI employees and print/view invoices as far back as 24 months.

How do I check stock via Persona, without creating an order?

From the Main Menu select Product/Stock Inquiry. Warehouse numbers are listed below:
1 - Houston, TX
50 - Omaha, NE
55 - Stockton, CA

Are operating instructions available for EWI's Persona program?

A complete set of instructions is available within the secure area of our web site or by selecting this link.

What is the Username and Password for access to the secure area of EWI's website?

Contact our Customer Service department at 800.580.7790 or e-mail us at and provide your EWI account number and we will be happy to provide you with that information.

What is the I.P. Address for Persona?

Can I have multiple distributor connections on Persona?

Yes. Simply highlight the address that appears in the drop down box and type in the IP Address of the distributor you would like to connect to. This will not delete your current connection – it will simply add an additional connection option. Use the drop down arrow, to select the distributor you would like to connect to

How do I get electronic price files for the product lines that EWI carries?

Simply log-in to our secure "Customer Log-in" area and select the Price Files button located under the Product Information heading.

Does EWI offer on-line parts look-up?

Most manufacturers that we represent offer parts look-up on their web site, simply select their logo from either our Equipment or Accessories page. In addition, we have PDF versions of IPL's, for some product lines available within the secure area of our web site.


How do I get an open account with EWI?

A downloadable Adobe PDF version is available on our "Contact Us" page. Simply complete and fax to the number listed in the heading.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is due by the 15th of each month, unless otherwise noted on the invoice. Payments MUST be received by the 30th of each month, in order to avoid Service Charges. Accounts unpaid beyond the 30th are considered Past Due and an annual percentage rate of 24% (2% per month), on the unpaid balance, will be applied to the account. Accounts 60 days past due will be placed on COD. Accounts 90 days past due will be turned over to our collection agency and all dealer agreements terminated. Request for Proof of Delivery or Notification of Billing Errors, must be made within 30 days of the statement date. Otherwise we will consider our Statement Correct

When is my payment actually due?

All payments are due on the 15th of each month. We do not charge service charges however until after the 30th.

Why do I sometimes receive two monthly statements?

One statement is for product purchased the previous month. The other statement is for product purchased on terms – this statement is provided for your convenience so you know what your future payment dates and amounts are.

Why do I have an invoice for one amount, yet it appears on my statement as another amount?

This will occur when product is purchased on a program that offers split terms (i.e. ½ 30, ½ 60, etc). The original invoice will be listed on your "dating" statement with a “-X” suffix. The amount owed, at each payment interval, will be the appropriate percentage of the original invoice.

Why did I not receive a receipt for my Credit Card charge?

The packing slip included with your shipment is both a Packing Slip and an Invoice.

Where do I mail checks for payment?

Engine Warehouse, Inc
P.O. Box 40490
Houston, TX 77240-0490


Where can I get copies of EWI's current programs?

All of our programs are posted within the secure area of our site. See Monthly Specials for a copy of our current specials. Programs for each manufacturer are posted under Product Information, simply select the manufacturer logo, a new screen will appear with current promotions and additional information for that manufacturer.

What is EWI's freight program?

EWI has a comprehensive freight program designed to minimize shipping costs for our dealers. A detailed copy is available within our Dealer Log-in area, under Forms & Policies.

What is your return policy?

If WE make an error on your shipment, you must notify our Customer Service Department within 15 days of receipt of merchandise. Please be prepared to provide us with the order number and the nature of the error. We will handle this correction without any handling charges or re-stocking fees.  If YOU should make an error when placing an order, necessitating the return of parts, please contact our Customer Service department for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Returns of this nature must be conducted within 15 days of receipt of merchandise. We will not charge any handling or re-stocking fees provided YOU, provide our customer service department with the order number which the parts were ordered on. If you fail to provide us with this information, there will be a 15% restocking fee assessed. The freight charges for the item to be returned will be the responsibility of the customer. Our Customer Service Representative will mail or fax the RMA, to your attention. Enclose the RMA with the returned parts - failure to enclose paperwork will result in a 15% service charge. Identify the RMA number on the outside of the box. Return to EWI freight prepaid.

How does EWI handle backordered items?

EWI maintains a significant inventory in order to minimize backorders. We do at times experience stock out's and are forced to back order some items. If you prefer NOT to receive back orders, please notify our accounting staff so a notation can be made on your account. Backorders will be shipped with the next order you place.

Where do I find information and an application for upcoming training seminars?

Please login to the "Customer Log-in" section of our website and select the "EWI Information" button and select the "Training Information" link.

Where do I send my Warranty Claims?

All Warranty Claims should be sent directly to the manufacturer except for, Dixon, Yazoo Kees, and Bluebird Warranty Claims for these products should be sent to EWI at P.O. Box 40490 Houston TX, 77240-0490 Attn: Warranty Dept.

Where are Co-op, Bid Assistance and Rebate Claim forms sent?

They should always be sent to EWI at